PharmEasy (API Holdings) Unlisted Stocks

About the Company

  • PharmEasy is a healthcare delivery platform. It helps patients to connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centers enabling them to order medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostic tests.
  • PharmEasy, being one the leading players in the market, holds around 60-70% market share with revenues of over INR 637 Cr in FY20.
  • The online pharmacy market in India is estimated to be at around $2.7 billion by 2023. PharmEasy holds over 60% market share in the industry and aims to expand further by capitalizing the industry growth prospects.
  • It had a revenue of more than $87.75 million in FY20.

API Holdings Limited Eco-system

PharmEasy (API Holdings) Unlisted Shares Ecosystem

  • API Holding Limited acquired Medlife – a strong player in the E-pharmacy sector in May 2021 and the resultant entity became the leading e-pharmacy in the country.
  • API Holding Limited signed an agreement to acquire a 66.1% stake in Thyrocare for INR 4,546 Cr in June 2021. This was a First-ever acquisition of a listed company by an Indian unicorn.
  • Thyrocare has total 1,122 outlets (as of 2021) and collection centers across India and parts of Nepal, Bangladesh and the Middle East

PharmEasy Entrepreneur Network:

  • PharmEasy, through its Entrepreneur Network, offers an opportunity to individuals to become a PharmEasy Franchise Partner with a minimum investment of as low as INR 20,000/-
  • PharmEasy has 800+ Franchise network all over the country.
  • This allows for bilateral growth as it expands the PharmEasy network and the franchise partners can earn upto INR 1,00,000/- per month.
  • Sales above INR 1 lakh per month benefits the Women franchise partners to get 1% extra commission on platform only orders

Revenue Model

  • PharmEasy primarily earns by displaying the sponsored results of various pharmaceutical entities. These kinds of advertisements are found on the home page of such organizations.
  • Advertising is a major source of revenue and this e-pharmacy leverages it to the hilt. Attractive discounts also contribute to PharmEasy's revenue. It offers considerable discounts to the customers which makes it preferable than traditional pharmacy.
  • PharmEasy offers additional discounts for payments made through its partner gateways and/or bank channels.
  • Furthermore, PharmEasy earns from commission from its customers for the healthcare products and medicines that sell via the platform.
  • The brand also earns through the delivery charges that get levied on the products.