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Why Analah Capital ?

Analah Capital is a leading platform for unlisted shares in the market. Throughout the years we have helped our clients in profiting from purchasing and selling Pre-IPO shares of high growth companies. Our expertise in the market will definitely keep you ahead of the horde. We offer a seamless transaction flow for investing in high growth companies anytime and anywhere. Our wide portfolio includes unlisted shares of some of the most well-known companies like HDB Financial Services, MSEI, HDFC securities, Fino Paytech, Utkarsh Coreinvest, Hero Fincorp, Chennai Super Kings, TATA Technologies, One97 Communications and many more.

We keep our investors updated with the latest happenings in the market and provide solutions as to how they can maximize their profits. We have built strong credibility by keeping the entire process of purchase and sale of Pre-IPO shares completely transparent and legal. In a very short span of time, Analah Capital has emerged a trusted platform when it comes to buying and selling unlisted shares. For any further information about buying or selling unlisted shares, connect with us at

Currently Offering Unlisted Shares

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Prices are indicative and subject to change. These shares are infrequently traded so we may not be able to provide you a deal even though the price is displayed. We display the prices to update the current market trend to the investors. The actual prices may be at significant variance from what is stated on this website because we may err to judge the correct price of the market if we do not transact in any script, which happens for many scripts for several months. The buyers are therefore requested to please verify the rates in the market before dealing with us because we will not be responsible or accountable in any way if you deal with us at any price which is significantly different from what is updated on our website, because of the specific volatile nature of trade in these kinds of unlisted shares and securities where two trades in a shares and security can be at substantially different prices even within a few days.

These prices are updated only fortnightly. Therefore you are requested to call to find out the latest prices.

Are you interested in investing with us? Please share your details, we assure you we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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Are you interested in investing with us? Please share your details, we assure you we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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