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Assam Carbon Ltd :

Assam Carbon is the leader in the field of Carbon and Carbon related products for the past five decades. The company manufactures various kinds of products which are categorized into three groups: electrical products, mechanical products, and graphite products. Their products are used by various segments such as steel, railway traction, petrochemical, power, mines, and chemical process industries, etc. for various applications.

They commissioned the first plant 50 years ago and subsequently entered a joint venture with Morgans. It helped them to widen their portfolio which lasted till 2016. During this period, they embedded some of the best technology, plant, machinery, and manufacturing practices. This enabled Assam Carbon to take the leadership position in India and export to several countries in the world.

Morgans decided to exit the carbon business in India. Therefore, in 2016, Assam Carbon became an independent identity, after acquiring all the Morgan shares. However, as per the agreement, they have the right to produce all the grades/ products for which Assam Carbon has adopted from Morgans.

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