Terms and Conditions

All information contained herein is qualified by Disclaimers

Analah Capital offers standard forms of agreement that may be digitally signed by the Buyer and Seller as part of the transaction process. Forms of the agreement are made available on an ‘as-is’ basis. Analah Capital is not acting as legal counsel to any party and use of any form of agreement, whether made available on Analah Capital platform or otherwise, does not constitute the provision of legal advice by Analah Capital to any person. Members are solely responsible for their use of Analah Capital forms of agreement and should read these important Disclaimers before initiating the transaction process. Analah Capital strongly recommends members consult their legal or financial advisors prior to entering into any agreement.

Transactions initiated on Analah Capital generally require the Buyer and Seller to enter into additional agreements, including commission agreement with Analah Capital and an escrow agreement with a third-party provider for escrow of the Buyer’s funds and evidence of the Seller’s ownership of securities. Most issuers of shares and securities require the Buyer and Seller to enter into a stock transfer agreement with it before the issuer agrees to process a change in ownership of its shares and securities on its books and records. Contact a transaction specialist for additional information.

Charges pertaining to Pledge etc. will be borne by the vendor. Buyer will receive confirmation receipt at first instance and final invoice will be supplied at the time of delivery of securities.

Compliance with Security Laws
(All information contained herein is qualified by Disclaimers)
Each Buyer and Seller on Analah Capital facilitated the transaction is solely responsible for making his, her or its own legal determination about the availability of an exemption from applicable securities laws. Only accredited investors may purchase securities on

Analah Capital Compliance
Analah Capital is not registered as an investment adviser with the SEBI or any state regulator or any other regulatory body. Nothing contained on the Analah Capital platform may be construed as investment advice, and use of the Analah Capital platform constitutes an explicit agreement that any use of the Analah Capital platform is qualified by your understanding and acceptance of the foregoing disclaimer. Information about companies presented on Analah Capital is provided by third party sources, including user submitted comments and documents. Analah Capital makes no effort to verify the accuracy of any information and does not warrant the truthfulness or completeness of any company information viewable on its platform. Analah Capital expresses no opinion as to the suitability of any transaction for any person contemplating Analah Capital facilitated transactions. Any person contemplating Analah Capital facilitated transaction should make his, her or its own independent investigation of the suitability of any proposed transaction based on the facts and circumstances of such person’s financial situation, and Analah Capital strongly recommends consultation with legal or financial advisors prior to initiating a transaction on Analah Capital. Analah Capital neither holds nor gives an opinion about the value of any company or that company’s shares and securities.



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